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Manage Wells with a glimpse into the future

Become more profitable by evolving into a Digital Oilfield

OspreyData’s software platform provides analytics over 7 stages to help you evolve into a proactive, data-driven producer. Be amazed at what you can accomplish with the sensors your wells already have.

Improve production by predicting sub-optimal time & downtime

OspreyVision is the first software product to bring Human-Augmented Machine Learning to the E&P space. Leading Artificial Lift experts help our Data Scientists build predictive models that identify problem states that lead to downtime and sub-optimal production. Our software runs these powerful models on your real-time data so that you can take early action to prevent failure.

Use our platform to monitor thousands of wells with ease

Give your operators superhuman abilities

Give your engineers, techs and operators a unified platform that enables them to see trends, find anomalies and fix
problems quickly.

  • Build and deploy your own predictive models for any lift type
  • Analyze thousands of diagnostics & data points instantaneously
  • Create rules-based Workflows triggered by event states
  • Integrate data from any SCADA or historian
  • Intuitive web-based app can be used immediately without the need for training

Spend as little as $1 per well per day

Priced to benefit you for the long term

With our 30x ROIs for past clients, you won’t believe how affordable the OspreyData platform is. Boom or bust, our
platform is designed and priced to meet your needs.

Ask Sales about our bundled pricing offers.