Alastair Simpson

Advisor – Artificial Lift Expert

Alastair is a seasoned artificial lift expert and petroleum engineer with over 40 years experience with some of the largest and well respected exploration and production oil companies in the world. Alastair spent the first 20 years of his career as a petroleum engineer with British Petroleum (BP). After leaving BP, Alastair joined Triangle Engineering as their Managing Director focused on solving problems and enhancing production specific to effectively operating electrical submersible pumps (ESP’s) in a variety of applications. Alastair traveled the world working with exploration and production oil companies lending his expertise in all matters of ESP’s and artificial lift technologies and deployments. In 2013, Alastair joined Vesper Pumps as the CEO of the subsidiary responsible for commercializing a new type of artificial lift. This project is the result of 20 years of research and development striving to build the next generation of artificial lift to handle a wide range of operations including unconventional, sandy and high GOR installations.

Alastair received his BS in Chemistry from the Heriot-Wall University and an MS from Gordon University in Drilling Engineering.