Career Facets of the Digital Oilfield

Ed Cowsar and Venkat Putcha recently shared some great thoughts on a webcast with the SPE Young Professionals (Gulf Coast). While we don’t have a video or transcript to share, we do have some slides from the deck that was presented, and we think they may be useful to some readers.

There are many facets of careers with the digital oilfield workforce, and we chose to look at these based on the workflow of own company. For those young professionals choosing to look towards oil and gas, today’s workforce is multi-faceted and provides for a wide variety of skills and talents.

To learn more about what we do, we’d recommend that you request a white paper to take a deeper look at some of what our data science team works on. We’d suggest starting with the white paper entitled “Expert-Guided Machine Learning: Engaging Petroleum Experts’ Know-How in Petroleum Engineering and Oilfield Operations” here.