Why Unified Monitoring is Mission Critical to Running a Digital Oilfield

ospreydata blog webcast unified monitoring mission critical digital oilfield screenshot

In this WebCast Replay, Jon Snyder, 10+ year Petroleum Analytics Engineer (formerly of eLynx, Venoco, and Encana) chats with OspreyData CTO Ron Frohock about how Unified Monitoring can bring immediate benefits to E&P operators.

Jon and Ron walk through the ways Unified Monitoring helps Production teams save time daily and reduce time to resolution for operational issues. They also discuss steps to implementation and illustrate the numerous benefits monitoring alone can deliver to producers.


• How Unified Monitoring helps lower LOE
• Reducing your daily effort using Centralized Surveillance
• How Unified Monitoring helps build your Data Backbone
• How a central data store benefits your organization
• Making the transition from Monitoring to Optimization
• How Unified Monitoring is an entry point to Advanced Analytics

Please contact us with any questions you may have about OspreyData’s Unified Monitoring. We would love to discuss our solutions for maximizing your Oil and Gas ROI.

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