We combine innovation in
Data Science + Engineering
to radically improve upstream
Oil + Gas operation.

OspreyData brings deep insights that lead to action.

OspreyData is a physical systems intelligence platform that operates alongside traditional monitoring, process control, and SCADA to deliver deep insights into the behavior of complex mechanical systems. We help clients to harness a sea of physical sensor data and turn it into actionable intelligence.

Complex science is at the core of our architecture,
operating at an unmatched scale.

Our unique and interactive machine-learning cycle embeds high-level knowledge, analyzing input from engineers in their daily activities. We make machine learning highly effective in a high-resolution, multi-sensor environment by integrating this real-time and evolving knowledge. Sensor data that typically goes unused holds information that can indicate impending events may happen, determine optimal servicing routines, optimize settings and prevent accidents.

The OspreyData system harnesses data to improve operational outcomes. Our native classifier library and calculated sensors take standard data even further.

We strive to help clients use data in new and powerful ways. To discuss your goals for production and optimization, contact us.