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Employee Spotlight: Alex Lamb, Data Scientist

At OspreyData, we value our amazing team and appreciate the uniqueness of each individual, as it makes us a complete team! Here, we will introduce one of our great team members! Your Name: Alex Lamb Your Role at OspreyData: Data Scientist Brief description of your training, education, experience: Alex completed
Expert-Guided Machine Learning

Expert-Guided Machine Learning: Getting Operators to Buy-In

With Expert-Guided Machine Learning (EGML), even if models are deployed, they can still fail due to inadequate adoption and ineffective change management. If operators fail to take action, nothing happens. EGML helps operators build confidence in AI/ML models by involving them in all stages from training to production to ongoing
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OspreyData’s Ron Frohock Speaking at the PPDM Dallas / Fort Worth Petroleum Data Workshop

We are excited to announce that Ron Frohock, our Chief Technology Officer, will be speaking at the Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) Petroleum Data Workshop, in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas on February 25, 2020. The Theme for this event is “Driving Digital Transformation through Traditional Data Management.” His presentation is entitled
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Single Tool, Unified Monitoring

Production UNIFIED MONITORING: The Building Blocks

The building blocks of unified monitoring work together to create a unified model that benefits any team working with artificial lift in oil and gas. At OspreyData, we think that an effective monitoring solution must have robust abilities, such as the following: Visualize, annotate and track complex time series sensors
Petroleum Expertise, Unified Monitoring

Production UNIFIED MONITORING: Launch Your Digital Oilfield Today

OspreyData is here to help you launch your digital oilfield today! We have built a SaaS (Software as a Service) model to empower the various needs of Production, Field Operations and Analytic Teams supporting Artificial Lift in Oil and Gas.  In addition to enabling operators to build a digital oilfield,
Quick Time to Value, Unified Monitoring

Production UNIFIED MONITORING: The Benefits

The benefits of Unified Monitoring start with centralized surveillance. The platform scales across wells, fields, and teams – allowing operators to share data across their entire enterprise. With a common view of information using a single tool, training is accelerated. In addition to it’s lift specific visualizations and analytic solutions,
Unified Monitoring

Production UNIFIED MONITORING: What It Is & Key Objectives

What It Is Most producers today have a number of data silos. Each silo may be collecting different data based on lift type, like ESP versus Rod Pump, or device type, like oil tank versus test separator or flow meter. The dots between the data are never connected. This leaves
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Mike Pennell, Chief Data Scientist

Mike leads OspreyData in data science and exploration, with experience stemming from 20+ years as a software and services executive, guiding startups to profitable exits with repeated success. Throughout his career Mike has defined, built and sold integrated analytics solutions. As EVP for CapitalStream, he led the product and business
Predictive Analysis

Consistency and Connectedness of Source Data Quality

The consistency and connectedness of source data are also important dimensions when evaluating source data.  Consistency refers to the frequency of updates or new values in a time series data stream, while connectedness indicates the ability to trace a thread of connections for a well across all of the source