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Collaboration is Key with Expert-Guided Machine Learning in Your Digital Oilfield

One of the most difficult challenges of digital oilfield projects is requiring people who would not choose to work together, to collaborate for success. Operators and Data Scientists tend to be very different people, and these types of projects push them to work together, typically under fire from management to
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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: 101

There are many terms and definitions thrown around in the AI and ML space that it can be confusing even to trained data scientists. We have used many of these terms around our website. It may be helpful to define these terms to ensure we’re clear on all of the
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Introducing Data Science

When using data science, labeling events that occur in the field within the system is critical. With accurate labels and comprehensive well data, the raw materials are then available to train AI/ML models. But these raw materials need to be used the right way to create models that are comprehensive
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AI/ML Models 101: What Is a Model?

In AI/ML, a model replicates a decision process to enable automation and understanding. AI/ML models are mathematical algorithms that are “trained” using data and human expert input to replicate a decision an expert would make when provided that same information. Ideally, the model should also reveal the rationale behind its
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OspreyData’s Data Science team presents at Society of Petroleum Engineers Western Regional Meeting

Mike Pennell, Jeff Hsiung and Venkat Putcha of OspreyData’s Data Science team presented at the SPE Western Regional Meeting, one of the Oil & Gas industry’s leading events, on April 25, 2018. The team presented a poster on OspreyData’s novel Human Augmented machine learning methodology and fielded questions by interested
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