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Challenges That Occur With Expert-Guided Machine Learning In Your Digital Oilfield

One of the most frequently quoted problems in the media is the shortage of data science and AI capabilities in terms of trained people and practical know-how. But this is changing with more emphasis on data science and analytics education. The next challenge is finding solvable problems that can actually
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Good Data Goes Beyond Sensors, with a Client Example

We recently had a client that was seeing odd fluctuations in their gas injection rates and trying to optimize gas injection was proving to be difficult. We are looked at the Gas Injection Rate over about 20 days. The data displayed is down-sampled to show an average point every 4hrs. The
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Traditional Simulation Vs. OspreyData

What does traditional simulation vs. OspreyData Production Intelligence Solutions look like? With regards to Manual Optimization, for each well, an expert engineer has to spend up to one day to find the appropriate metadata, cleaning other data, entering it into the simulation software and building simulation models. For an unconventional
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Access Our Demos Now

Did you know OspreyData provides two production solutions amalgamated into one tool for you to demo? The graphic above provides a review of the features of both Production Unified Monitoring and the advanced analytics features that you will get with Production Analytics. Production Unified Monitoring Production Unified Monitoring helps you
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Production UNIFIED MONITORING: The Building Blocks

The building blocks of unified monitoring work together to create a unified model that benefits any team working with artificial lift in oil and gas. At OspreyData, we think that an effective monitoring solution must have robust abilities, such as the following: Visualize, annotate and track complex time series sensors
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Our Unified Monitoring Solution Covered by Oilman Magazine

Our Unified Monitoring solution was recently highlighted in the Oilman Magazine. Below is their article. HOUSTON – OspreyData, leader in AI-Based Production Optimization solutions for Oil & Gas, announced today that they are launching the Unified Monitor solution, a component of their Production Optimization Platform, as a stand-alone offering to
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OspreyVision – See Our Oil + Gas Solution in Action

With OspreyVision, you will find these features and benefits: OspreyData has built a SaaS solution to support the various needs of Production, Field Operations, and Analytic Teams supporting Artificial Lift in oil and gas. The solution offers functionality which enables teams of Data Scientists in exploring new optimization or failure
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Data Quality Assessment and Services

We provide organizations with a full set of services to aid in their digital oil field transformation and enable complex AI based solutions. After identifying possible operational challenges or significant field failures, OspreyData provides a Data Quality Assessment for our clients. Here are the steps that a typical Data Quality