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4 Starting Points For Success In A Digital Transformation

Moving to a digital oilfield is a critical enabler for producers in oil and gas. A critical focus is now on reducing operating costs, increasing employee productivity, and improving the ability to make informed and timely data-based decisions. For most oil and gas companies, the goal is clear, but the
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Hear from Production Engineer Eric Clour on Using OspreyData’s Unified Monitoring

With some key objectives in mind, we have developed a set of building blocks. We believe an effective monitoring solution must have robust abilities that can do the following: – Visualize, annotate and track complex time series sensors across devices and lift types – Construct and configure meaningful, actionable dashboards
Petroleum Expertise, Unified Monitoring

Launch Your Digital Oilfield with Production Unified Monitoring

OspreyData is here to help you launch your digital oilfield today! We have built a SaaS (Software as a Service) model to empower the various needs of Production, Field Operations and Analytic Teams supporting Artificial Lift in Oil and Gas. In addition to enabling operators to build a digital oilfield,
Why start with unified monitoring
Quick Time to Value, Unified Monitoring

Why Start With Unified Monitoring Today

Unified Monitoring may seem like an odd way to start the digital transformation; to be honest for quite some time, we thought the very same thing. But, after working with multiple customers on digital transformation, we have seen a few things. Less obvious – the data quality assessment and improvement
Digital Oil field
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OspreyData Offers Solutions for Evolving Your Digital Oilfield

OspreyData offers solutions that allow operators to tackle problems sooner and more efficiently. Solutions that minimize downtime, maximize recovery and increase the rate of return on your assets.  These solutions work for a well, a field, or across an entire play. Often the process to build a Digital Oilfield is
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Digital Twins: Ideas On Increased Diagnostics In Oil Fields & Platforms

In the recent April 2020 Journal of Petroleum Technology article, Upstream Digitalization is Proving Itself in the Real World, the author wrote about “Using the Cloud To Turn Big Data Into Smart Data” and how Digital Twins are being used to increase evaluations and diagnostics within oil fields and platforms.
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Oil & Gas and The Digital Oilfield: The Production Intelligence Solution

We believe there are additional solutions that an operator can leverage to achieve exceptional operational efficiency, maximize production, and ultimately significantly reduce Lease Operating Expenses. OspreyData’s Production Intelligence Solution offers everything required to manage by exception and to reap all possible rewards of running a digital oilfield. In addition to
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Oil & Gas and The Digital Oilfield: The Benefits of Unified Monitoring

OspreyData’s Production Unified Monitoring scales across wells, fields and teams allowing operators to share data across their entire enterprise. As all share a common view of information within a single tool, training and learning are accelerated. In addition to its lift-specific visualizations and analytic solutions, it creates workflow and tasking
Unified Monitoring

Oil & Gas and The Digital Oilfield: Building Blocks Of Unified Monitoring

OspreyData looked at constructing a set of building blocks based upon those foundational objects and services. We believe that an effective monitoring solution must have these robust abilities: Our Production Unified Monitoring solution enables teams to work together in myriad ways. The value of a single solution that can be referenced