Suggesting a slight twist on this process, OspreyData believes that improving data processes accelerates the path to achieving results and providing institutional value. Applying the prior recommendations of being consistent, specific and incremental provides continuous improvements to the production teams. In addition to those steps, Unified Monitoring provides a technology

OspreyData has had a front-row seat to observe how organizations are approaching and progressing in their digital transformation. Let’s review what OspreyData has learned from our vantage point and participation in this transformation. DATA QUALITY Data Quality is consistently listed by producers as their top challenge. Driving data-driven decisions demand

Moving to a digital oilfield is a critical enabler for producers in oil and gas. A critical focus is now on reducing operating costs, increasing employee productivity, and improving the ability to make informed and timely data-based decisions. For most oil and gas companies, the goal is clear, but the

There are a number of simultaneous factors that are reshaping the industry today and driving the need to achieve digitization for Oil & Gas operators. Let’s take a look at these factors: Sustained Lower Commodity Prices: The continual shift in oil prices resulting in ‘lower-for-longer’ rates is forcing producers to

This is a quick discussion of Oil & Gas and the Digital Oilfield, and OspreyData’s Production Unified Monitoring Solutions. We also have a white paper available on this topic, request it at the link below. Unless you have been hiding down a wellbore, it almost assured that you have heard

Our Expert-Guided Machine Learning approach leverages experts’ knowledge to power advanced analytics on the oilfield. Experts mark problems and solutions across well history and we use this labeled data to train models to detect and solve the same problems. Expert-Guided Machine Learning helps you label data across hundreds of wells