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OspreyData Offers Failure Detection and Assessment Services

At OspreyData, we provide organizations with a full set of services to aid them in their digital oilfield transformation and enable complex artificial intelligence-based solutions. After identifying possible operational challenges or significant field failures, OspreyData provides a data quality assessment for our clients. The details of an individual assessment can be tailored
Production Optimization

What Does Data Quality Look Like – Cohorts

When you consider an Artificial Intelligence and Digital Oilfield project, it is important to understand that all of the wells might not be candidates to participate in the building and training of the solution. We call the set of wells that will be used for building our machine learning models a

The Evolving State of Data Management in Oil and Gas

In case you missed the live webcast on Wednesday, you can still watch our webcast replay! In the asset-heavy industry of Oil & Gas, leveraging data and undergoing a digital transformation is top-of-mind for many producers. As companies seek to keep valuations high by maximizing production and operating as efficiently
Predictive Analysis

The Four C’s of Data Quality

It seems somewhat simple, but the better the source data is, the better the resulting predictions or recommendations are going to be. Think of data as the rocket fuel for your AI journey. Here is a set of dimensions that can be used to evaluate source data: Coverage: Coverage is

Don’t Lose the AI Race: Why You Need a Data Quality Strategy in Oil & Gas

We present our Webcast Replay entitled “Don’t Lose the AI Race: Why You Need a Data Quality Strategy in Oil & Gas.”  In this webcast, key members of OspreyData’’s Executive Team discuss one of the most crucial issues being faced in the Oil & Gas AI Revolution: developing a robust
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Good Data Goes Beyond Sensors, with a Client Example

We recently had a client that was seeing odd fluctuations in their gas injection rates and trying to optimize gas injection was proving to be difficult. We are looked at the Gas Injection Rate over about 20 days. The data displayed is down-sampled to show an average point every 4hrs. The
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Achieving High Data Quality Is An Incremental Journey

As the adage goes “a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”, don’t be daunted by how far you and your team have to travel; focus instead on starting and determine the steps that you can make today. Recognize that these solutions will not be implemented overnight, but
Predictive Analysis

Why Data Quality Matters

In our last blog, we covered the importance of quality data across well cohorts.  In this last blog of our series on data quality, we will address why data quality matters. For production, if an organization is consistently using allocated production, actual production may vary by roughly 10%. At OspreyData,
Predictive Analysis

Predictive Analysis Requires Quality Data Across a Well Cohort

A well cohort describes the group of wells that OspreyData uses to create a modeled solution for your oilfield.  Quality source data among well cohorts are essential to predictive analysis.  In an artificial intelligence project, it is important to understand that all wells might not be candidates to participate in