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Man vs. Machine? Expert-Guided Machine Learning & Your Digital Oilfield

  Man vs. Machine, is this true?  Do you find your engineers & operators give the most attention to the same fraction of wells each week, though they manage tens or hundreds more? Are you taking steps to integrate Advanced Analytics into your operations but wondering how to maximize the
Data Science

A Quick Intro to Data Science

When using data science, labeling events that occur in the field within the system is critical. With accurate labels and comprehensive well data, the raw materials are then available to train AI/ML models. But these raw materials need to be used the right way to create models that are comprehensive
Quick Time to Value

Case Study: Early Event Detection of a Tubing Failure

Tubing Failure Early Event Detection of a tubing failure can help you regain $3M or more in your oilfield.  In this example, we examine rod pump #10 and an example of its tubing failure. With OspreyData’s Production Intelligence solution, we are able to look at sensor data such as casing
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Single Tool

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Did you know OspreyData provides two production solutions amalgamated into one tool for you to demo? The graphic above provides a review of the features of both Production Unified Monitoring and the advanced analytics features that you will get with Production Analytics. Production Unified Monitoring helps you view well data from
Production Analytics

Advanced Analytical Tools with Production Analytics

Developed by our team of leading petroleum experts and data scientists, Production Analytics provides automated well optimization and event diagnostics with leading indicators for major artificial lift types. Production Analytics allows your operators to be experts by giving them more time to fix underlying issues, optimize performance and innovate throughout
Quick Time to Value, Unified Monitoring

What Are The Benefits of Unified Monitoring?

The benefits of Unified Monitoring start with centralized surveillance. The platform scales across wells, fields, and teams – allowing operators to share data across their entire enterprise. With a common view of information using a single tool, training is accelerated. In addition to it’s lift specific visualizations and analytic solutions,
Unified Monitoring

What Is Production Unified Monitoring?

Most producers today have a number of data silos. Each silo may be collecting different data based on lift type, like ESP versus Rod Pump, or device type, like oil tank versus test separator or flow meter. The dots between the data are never connected. This leaves operators and engineers
Production Optimization

How Can AI Help You Become A Proactive Organization

For an operator, each day brings a different set of challenges as you look to improve your production and boost your profitability. Here at OspreyData, we are firm believers that you can use data in order to more efficiently tackle your daily workloads. That data helps you transform from being
Predictive Analysis

What Kind of Events Can AI Detect?

When it comes to event detection, a common question we receive is, what kind of events can AI detect?  We sub-categorize these events of interest into four different types: 1) High-Risk Events, 2) Sub-Optimal States, 3) Events Needing More Lead Time, and 4) Silent Killers. We will explain these event