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OspreyData Featured in Upstream Intelligence Article

On January 30, 2020, OspreyData was featured in the Upstream Intelligence article entitled “How Automation Empowers Operators to Optimize Gas Lift.”  Below is an excerpt from the article with a link to the complete write-up. How Automation Empowers Operators to Optimize Gas Lift A dilemma faced by many oil and
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Benefits of Automating Gas Lift Optimization

Automating gas lift optimization has many benefits.  When considering machine learning approaches, there are too many wells and too few engineers to constantly monitor, analyze, update and evaluate the gas injection rate to establish optimal lift performance. A typical simulation model development followed by parametric analysis to decide a gas
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Gas Lift Optimization Is a Fine Balance

The objective of gas lift optimization is maximizing the current output from a well by addressing the relationship between oil production rate and gas injection rate. The key parameter describing this relationship is the marginal increment in oil production rate per unit change in the gas lift injection rate. Under-injection