Webcast Replay: Skills & Solutions to Handle Seismic Shifts in Oil & Gas

Click here to request access to this replay! As Upstream producers assess the colossal changes of 2020 and strategize for the new year, OspreyData is proposing ways to harness the Digital Field to confront challenges head-on and thrive in a reshaped landscape. Don’t miss the ideas presented by Professor of
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Benefits of Machine Learning in Gas Lift Optimization

Benefits of machine learning in gas lift optimization is our topic for today.  In Monday’s blog, we discussed the tedious past and current methods for optimizing gas lift production and what options are available with our Production Intelligence solutions to automate your production optimization process through machine learning.  So, what
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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: 101

There are many terms and definitions thrown around in the AI and ML space that it can be confusing even to trained data scientists. We have used many of these terms around our website. It may be helpful to define these terms to ensure we’re clear on all of the
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3 Advantages To Expert-Guided Machine Learning

1. LABEL EVENTS QUICKLY Our artificial lift SMEs begin by marking events and conditions on your historical data for a small group of wells. Our models then generate labels that feed the machine learning process. We then expand this process to run on additional groups of wells until all data
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EGML Quickly, Accurately, and Intuitively Labels Events

Regarding labeling in our solution, how can we get accurate labels to effectively train supervised models? EGML assumes event labels are often missing or incorrect. It recognizes that labels are easier to create using a platform that gives experts all the information
 they need to review and capturing everything they
Expert-Guided Machine Learning

Empowering Operators with Expert-Guided Machine Learning

With Expert-Guided Machine Learning (EGML), even if models are deployed, they can still fail due to inadequate adoption and ineffective change management. If operators fail to take action, nothing happens. EGML helps operators build confidence in AI/ML models by involving them in all stages from training to production to ongoing
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How Does Our Expert-Guided Machine Learning Work?

Our Expert-Guided Machine Learning approach leverages experts’ knowledge to power advanced analytics on the oilfield. Experts mark problems and solutions across well history and we use this labeled data to train models to detect and solve the same problems. Expert-Guided Machine Learning helps you label data across hundreds of wells
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Man vs. Machine? Expert-Guided Machine Learning & Your Digital Oilfield

  Man vs. Machine, is this true?  Do you find your engineers & operators give the most attention to the same fraction of wells each week, though they manage tens or hundreds more? Are you taking steps to integrate Advanced Analytics into your operations but wondering how to maximize the
Expert-Guided Machine Learning

AI and ML – What’s the Difference?

Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning, what’s the difference? Both terms appear often in news and literature. While there are subtle differences, they are often used interchangeably. However, Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the artificial creation of human-like intelligence that can learn, analyze, perceive and process, while Machine Learning (ML) is