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Transient Nature of Well Properties

The transient nature of well properties contributes greatly to uncertainty and makes optimization an ongoing challenge for the production engineering team. The figure above provides 
a snapshot of a few key operating parameters 
of a well on an unconventional formation, over
na two-month range. During this period, the oil production rate
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Parametric Analysis in Well Modeling

Parametric analysis is a common exercise employed by production engineers in well modeling and decision making. The figure above displays a set of gas injection performance plots (Oil production rate vs. Gas injection rate) resulting from a parametric analysis of a physics-based simulator. In an example 10-day window of observation,
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Gas Lift Optimization Is a Fine Balance

The objective of gas lift optimization is maximizing the current output from a well by addressing the relationship between oil production rate and gas injection rate. The key parameter describing this relationship is the marginal increment in oil production rate per unit change in the gas lift injection rate. Under-injection