AI Solves Problems for Artificial Lift Production

This webcast replay discusses the emerging AI revolution in Oil & Gas. Our Data Scientist Venkat Putcha (PhD, Penn State) and VP of Client Services Tim Burke will be demonstrating OspreyData’s latest innovations in Production Optimization and the potential ROI of implementing these AI-based solutions across fields and plays. Request
Production Optimization

How Can AI Help You Become A Proactive Organization

For an operator, each day brings a different set of challenges as you look to improve your production and boost your profitability. Here at OspreyData, we are firm believers that you can use data in order to more efficiently tackle your daily workloads. That data helps you transform from being
Quick Time to Value

ROI Case Study: Gas Lift Hole in Tubing

A hole in tubing for a gas lift operation is pretty difficult to detect before it happens; therefore, today’s case study is particularly interesting.  Note, in a previous blog on early event detection, we mentioned that our solution can examine calculated sensors. In the demonstration table above, we have readings
Quick Time to Value

ROI Cast Study: Gas Influx

In today’s example case, we are looking at the early detection of gas influx. This is an ESP sub-optimal state. In the demo slide above, we are looking at sudden fluctuations in amperage and tubing pressure. There is an increase in casing pressure as we can see.  At the end