Why Unified Monitoring is Mission Critical to Running a Digital Oilfield

In this WebCast Replay, Jon Snyder, 10+ year Petroleum Analytics Engineer (formerly of eLynx, Venoco, and Encana) chats with OspreyData CTO Ron Frohock about how Unified Monitoring can bring immediate benefits to E&P operators. Jon and Ron walk through the ways Unified Monitoring helps Production teams save time daily and
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Launch Your Digital Oilfield with Production Unified Monitoring

OspreyData is here to help you launch your digital oilfield today! We have built a SaaS (Software as a Service) model to empower the various needs of Production, Field Operations and Analytic Teams supporting Artificial Lift in Oil and Gas. In addition to enabling operators to build a digital oilfield,
Why start with unified monitoring
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Why Start With Unified Monitoring Today

Unified Monitoring may seem like an odd way to start the digital transformation; to be honest for quite some time, we thought the very same thing. But, after working with multiple customers on digital transformation, we have seen a few things. Less obvious – the data quality assessment and improvement
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OspreyData Offers Solutions for Evolving Your Digital Oilfield

OspreyData offers solutions that allow operators to tackle problems sooner and more efficiently. Solutions that minimize downtime, maximize recovery and increase the rate of return on your assets.  These solutions work for a well, a field, or across an entire play. Often the process to build a Digital Oilfield is
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6 Steps to Automate Your Oil Field

Six steps to automate your oil field is our discussion today.  In yesterday’s blog, we discussed the tedious past and current methods for trying to optimize gas lift production.  We found that it was a laborious process that could not physically allow operators enough time to adequately monitor each well
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Production Engineer Eric Clour’s Personal Testimony on Using UNIFIED MONITORING

With some key objectives in mind, we have developed a set of building blocks. We believe an effective monitoring solution must have robust abilities that can do the following: Visualize, annotate and track complex time series sensors across devices and lift types Construct and configure meaningful, actionable dashboards and reports
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Production UNIFIED MONITORING: Tools to Enable the Front Lines

We have created a tool that empowers both Engineers and Operators on the front lines. Operators are the “boots on the ground”, the front line, and empowering them is key to much of the success. The fewer programs that Operators have, the better things can be. Reducing the distance between
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How Production Unified Monitoring Saves Time

REQUEST A DEMO > With Production Unified Monitoring, one of the biggest motivations or starting point for OspreyData’s was to create a single “data backbone” of operational data – one place where the data gets connected. For most petroleum engineers or operators, having multiple systems or data in disparate systems
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Did you know OspreyData provides two production solutions amalgamated into one tool for you to demo? The graphic above provides a review of the features of both Production Unified Monitoring and the advanced analytics features that you will get with Production Analytics. Production Unified Monitoring Production Unified Monitoring helps you