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Is It Really Man vs. Machine? Expert-Guided Machine Learning & Your Digital Oilfield

  Man vs. Machine, is this true?¬† Do you find your engineers & operators give the most attention to the same fraction of wells each week, though they manage tens or hundreds more? Are you taking steps to integrate Advanced Analytics into your operations but wondering how to maximize the

Why Unified Monitoring is Mission Critical to Running a Digital Oilfield

In this WebCast Replay, Jon Snyder, 10+ year Petroleum Analytics Engineer (formerly of eLynx, Venoco, and Encana) chats with OspreyData CTO Ron Frohock about how Unified Monitoring can bring immediate benefits to E&P operators. Jon and Ron walk through the ways Unified Monitoring helps Production teams save time daily and
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Access All of OspreyData’s Live Webcasts! We’ve archived all of our past webcasts in one locations so you can easily access each one! Click here to request any of the webcast replays below. The Top 3 Problems AI Solves in Artificial Lift Production¬†with Dr. Venkat Putcha and Tim Burke –