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Data scientist Alex Lamb joined OspreyData in early 2019. He brings the unique skillset of petroleum science, data science and computer science to the team as he develops machine learning-based solutions that power OspreyData’s Production Analytics.

Alex is one of many team members who bring a deep wealth of petroleum expertise to our practice. Prior to joining OspreyData he served as a senior geophysicist for Devon Energy in Oklahoma City, where he led exploration and development projects in the STACK play. Alex speaks regularly at industry conferences including the recent URTeC Conference in Denver and has published work on his research in the STACK play with the AAPG and other industry journals.

Alex holds a Master of Science in Geophysics from the Jackson School of Geosciences at UT Austin and served there as President of the UT Geophysical Society. He graduated with dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Physics and Information & Computer Science from the University of California at Irvine.

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