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Richard is a senior sales executive with 30+ years of experience selling technology to the enterprise. Richard leads, organizes, and supports our team in sales of the OspreyData platform and solutions. He has led SAP, Oracle, and other leading technology company teams selling to the oil and gas Industry.

Richard grew up in the oil and gas area of the Texas panhandle and worked on drilling rigs during holiday breaks while attending Texas Tech University. Richard has helped organizations recognize the value and benefits of automating processes and making digital transformations.

Richard spends a great deal of time in the field, helping our clients to best utilize our platform, as well as introducing OspreyData to the market.

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Put Our Oil & Gas Solutions To Work For You

With OspreyData’s Production Unified Monitoring and Production Analytics, you will find these features and benefits: OspreyData has built a SaaS solution to support the various

Increase Gas Lift Production with Artificial Intelligence

We invite you to watch our Webcast Replay, entitled “Increase Gas Lift Production with Artificial Intelligence,” as Dr. Venkat Putcha, Senior Data Scientist at OspreyData
Why start with unified monitoring
Quick Time to Value, Unified Monitoring

Why Start With Unified Monitoring

Unified Monitoring may seem like an odd way to start the digital transformation; to be honest for quite some time, we thought the very same