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As vice president of operations, Tim brings over 20 years expertise in financial and operational management with a specialty in predictive analytics.

Within the oil and gas industry, Tim has done extensive work with Unocal to deploy a value-based well management system that models net present value based on key performance indicators to assist in the prioritization of investments.

Tim brings additional experience in predictive modeling from founding his own company that deployed successful convergence trading strategies for clients. He has served as COO and CFO in the manufacturing industry as well as a senior consultant to several Fortune 500 companies with LEK Consulting.

Tim holds an MBA degree from University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and also earned a BS in electrical engineering at the University of Notre Dame.

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ROI Case Study: Gas Lift Hole in Tubing

A hole in tubing for a gas lift operation is pretty difficult to detect before it happens; therefore, today’s case study is particularly interesting.  Note,
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ROI Cast Study: Gas Influx

In today’s example case, we are looking at the early detection of gas influx. This is an ESP sub-optimal state. In the demo slide above,